SEXPOSED is a community-focused event, featuring femxle-identifying artists and vendors who champion women’s empowerment with works focused on female diversity, body positivity, sex and sexuality, fetish-freedom, and the disruption of societal dispositions surrounding abuse, harassment, and gender inequality.

SEXPOSED is committed to presenting womxn (a group severely underrepresented in the art industry) and invigorating femxle strength and sexuality by offering a platform of solidarity through the communication of intersectionality and art. SEXPOSED aims to stimulate guests of all ages, genders, and backgrounds by catalyzing provocative conversation, and challenging ideas of womxnhood and the femxle-experience.

Leading up to the exhibition, SEXPOSED 2019 will host participatory and instructional workshops and classes and a diverse program of events to encourage guests to engage with the art and space in evolving and transformative ways. In addition to the curated selection of art, SEXPOSED 2019 will also include exquisite, hand-picked performances; a photo-booth; artisanal, local vendors; and intimate experiences.

Artists, fans, and guests are encouraged to interact within Space City Vintage LA, the venue host, who will present a special selection of bespoke vintage pieces and rockabilly vibes in their brand-new showroom, tattoo studio, and barber shop.

A bar will be present, however, non-alcoholic beverages will be available for guests under 21 years old (ID required).

SEXPOSED believes in giving back to the local community, and is committed to donating exhibition proceeds to organizations doing amazing work. SEXPOSED 2019 will be benefiting RAINN, which hosts the National Sexual Assault Hotline, and supports victims of sexual abuse with resources and much-needed field work.