LA UP is an alternative to the traditional gallery experience, showcasing work in atypical spaces, such as boutiques, tasting rooms, and public environments. Presented and curated by Colette von, LA UP is committed to presenting womxn, POC, and LGBTQI+ artists (groups severely underrepresented in the art industry) though all artists are welcome and presented. 

LA UP aims to stimulate guests of all ages, genders, and backgrounds by catalyzing provocative conversation, and challenging the human experience through art showcases and performances.

LA UP also hosts participatory and instructional workshops and classes. and curates a diverse program of events to encourage guests to engage with the art and space in evolving and transformative ways, such as themed figure drawing, group paint nights, sip n' sculpt classes and more.

LA UP believes in giving back to the local community, and is committed to donating portions of all exhibition proceeds to local nonprofits and social organizations such as RAINN, the Downtown Women's Center, the LA LGBT Youth Center, and more.

Learn more about RAINN - HERE
Learn more about the Downtown Women's Center - HERE
Learn more about the LA LGBT Youth Center - HERE

Artist applications are open for consideration - APPLY HERE